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Urea formaldhyde molding powder
Products introduction
Urea formaldehyde molding powder,as a main variety of aminoplastic molding material,is a kind of chemical product developed and industrially produced at an early start. It has over 70 years' history at abroad. This kind of plastic is compound material with low energy consumption and low production cost. Its pressed products are featured in durability innocuity, bright, self extinguishing, and arc resistance etc, Urea formaldehyde molding powder was produced at the early 1950s abroad. After developing for dozens of years, its output increases year by year, and quality is improved gradually. With the constant development of living standards,urea formaldehyde molding powder is widely applied because of its advantages.
Process Flow
The low polymer composed by urea,melamine and other amide with reaction activity is called amino resin. Plastic produced by using such resin as filler is called amino plastic. Distribution condition of its compositions:
Molar ration between formaldehyde and amino compound(urea, melamine)is 1.3-l.4:1(A5 model is 2.5).Urotropine is added to resin compound to adjust PH and balance polymerization degree of resin.
Mostly, fibrin is used. A little inorganic filler is added to improve volume performance and reduce production cost.
Curing agent:
Latent curing agent is widely used. Under certain condition(T,P), it can release acid medium quickly.
Other compositions:including paint, softener, whitening agent and release agent etc.

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