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Introduction to acetaldehyde assembly device

Acetaldehyde, also called acetic aldehyde,is a kind of colorless and pourable liquid with highly volatile and acrid gas. Relative density:0.7834(18/4℃);melting point:-123.5℃,vapor density:1.52. It is soluble in water,ethanol,aether,acetone and benzene. It is inflammable, highly volatile and moisture absorbable. Its self-ignition temperature is 185℃. The mixture of its vapor and air is explosive. The limit of explosion is 4.0~57%(vohmle).It is easy to oxidate to acetic acid. At the existance of a little acid,it is easy to polymerize to paraldehyde(1iquid,melting point:124℃).It forms paraformacetaldehyde at low temperature. Under the action of a little vitriol,the above mentioned two kinds of polymer can be decomposed to acetaldehyde.

Acetaldehyde,as an important organic chemical material,is the raw material to compose many kinds of organic chemical products. It is widely applied to the production of organic composition,pesticide,medicine and refined chemicals and is mainly used to produce acetic acid and acetic oxide. It is 50%~70% of the total amount. Mostly, acetaldehyde is used to produce acetic acid, n-butylalcohol,2-ethylhexyl alcohol,trichloroacetaldehyde,biding,pentaerythritol and octyl alcohol etc. In addition,it can also be used to produce important intermediates and chemicals,such as butadiene,metaldehyde,chloroacetaldehyde,sorbic acid,and lactic acid etc. The Company can supply acetaldehyde assembly equipment with annual output of 3,000~20,000. According to customers' requirements,it can provide one-stop service which combines design, manufacture and equipment operation.

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