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The presentation of hexamine equipments

Hexamine is widely used in national defense,plastics,rubber,medical,pesticide and other industries.As the release of methylene easily,so it is a good raw material of methylene,while methenamine produces a variety of new compounds with the role of strong acid and alcohol. In the industry it can be used as phenolic resin,urea-formaldehyde resin,the cross-linking agents for the thermosetting resins, blowing agents for the foam resin,rubber vulcanization accelerator(accelerating agent H),textiles,preservatives,light gas absorber(with phenol sodium,sodium hydroxide mixture can be obtained gas mask filters),and used in the manufacture of pesticides:After nitrification,it can be obtained explosives. In the pharmaceutical industry can be used as the material of the disinfectant and diuretic in the urinary system,external be used to cure ringworm and antiperspirant. Can also serve as determination of bislnuth, indium, manganese, cobalt, thorium, platinum ,magnesium, lithium, copper, tin, beryllium, tellurium, bromide,iodide and other reagents and other reagents and chromatographic analysis.
At present our company can provide an annual output of O.3-3 million tons of urotropine equipment, and can design based on customer requests,forming a complete turnkey service.

Our company manutfactures 60,000-ton methylal devices with off gas cycling technology and 15,000 urotropine devices for Shanxi Yangmei Fengxi Fertilizer Industry(Group)Co.,Ltd.Pinglu Branch.

Henan Province Boai Ruihua Indusiry-Trade Co.,Ltd.adopted first set of 50 thousand ton/year formaldehyde device (tail gas circle process,see photos above)in 2006,and again adopted 1 set of 50 thousand ton/year formaldehyde device and a set of 15 thousand ton/year Urotropine device in 2009. At present, this company has production capacity of 100 thousand ton/year formaldehyde and 15 thousand ton/year Urotropine.

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